hard page breaksMove to the top of the next page

The hard page break puts the next word at the top of a new page.

hard page breakcontrol + entercontrol + num-pad enternot applicable

To move text to the next page, use one hard page break, not mul­ti­ple car­riage re­turns. If you use car­riage re­turns, your doc­u­ment will be­come im­pos­si­ble to edit—as soon as you change any­thing be­fore the page break, the text will go out of align­ment. The hard page break guar­an­tees con­sis­tent behavior.

How to insert a hard page break (alternate method)

WordPage LayoutPage Setup panel → BreaksPage or InsertPages panel → Page Break

Mac OS WordInsertBreakPage Break

PagesInsertPage Break

by the way
  • Hard page breaks can be built into para­graph styles to en­sure that classes of para­graphs (e.g., ma­jor sec­tion head­ings) al­ways start at the top of a new page. See page break be­fore.

  • Strictly speak­ing, CSS does sup­port a set of page-break tags, but they’re only mean­ing­ful when the doc­u­ment is printed. In prac­tice, they are nei­ther com­mon nor use­ful. If you want your text to jump to the be­gin­ning of a new HTML page, you’ll need to find an­other way.

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