You can reach me by email. I in­vite cor­rec­tions, com­plaints, and ques­tions of any type, but please note:

  1. I don’t dis­trib­ute doc­u­ment tem­plates, in­clud­ing the source files for the sam­ple doc­u­ments. You’re wel­come, how­ever, to study them and crib as many ideas as you want.

  2. I can’t dis­pense in­di­vid­u­al­ized ty­po­graphic cri­tiques or ad­vice (e.g.,What font should I use for … ?”) The point of this book, af­ter all, is to teach you to make those ty­po­graphic de­ci­sions for yourself.

  3. I’m un­in­ter­ested in any­thing re­lated to In­ter­net Ex­plorer or Google Fonts (about the lat­ter, I’ve al­ready said enough).

  4. I don’t ar­gue with strangers on the internet.

  5. If your mes­sage boils down toI didn’t pay for your book, but I still want to ex­press my out­rage”—please, no need. You’ve al­ready voted with your wallet.

Fair enough? OK then—I’m at mb@mb­

by the way