Georgia alternativesDon’t use a screen font for print

Geor­gia was de­signed pri­mar­ily to work well on screen. The com­pro­mise is that it can be clunky on the printed page. Miller shares Geor­gia’s DNA but it’s more sub­tle and de­tailed, mak­ing it prefer­able to Geor­gia for print use. (See a com­par­i­son of the two in sys­tem fonts.)

Har­riet, Eq­uity, and Cen­tury Supra—the lat­ter two are my de­signs—are like­wise based on his­tor­i­cal mod­els but with a con­tem­po­rary spin, mak­ing them a com­fort­able blend of tra­di­tional and modern.

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