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Triplicate Basic$59$79$119
Triplicate Standard$89$119$179
EquityConcourse BasicTriplicate Basic$219$299$439
EquityConcourse StandardTriplicate Standard$299$399$599

Triplicate Standard includes 96 font files:
= 3 weights (light, book, bold)
× 3 series (roman, italic, caps)
+ 3 cloned styles
× 4 variants (regular, code, poly, short)
× 2 file formats (OpenType, and TrueType-compatible OpenType TT)

Triplicate Basic includes 48 font files:
= 2 weights (book, bold)
× 3 series (roman, italic, and caps)
× 4 variants (regular, code, poly, short)
× 2 file formats (OpenType, and TrueType-compatible OpenType TT)

Read the font license (it’s short) or the FAQ
For details on character set and OpenType features, see the PDF specimen
For more than five people, email

Triplicate is used for code samples and other monospaced typesetting in this book (e.g., one space between sentences). True, my official advice is that in general you should avoid monospaced fonts. But in some cases, a monospaced font is the right tool for the job. So why not have a nice one?

  1. Trip­li­cate has true ital­ics, real small caps, old­style fig­ures, swash caps, box-draw­ing char­ac­ters, and other superfluities.

  2. Triplicate includes a Code variant with characters optimized for programming and terminal windows (also seen in Why Racket? Why Lisp?).

    `$te_fl{1234*567~890} Regular
    `$te_fl{1234*567~890} Code

  3. Of in­ter­est to screen­writ­ers: Trip­li­cate also in­cludes a Short vari­ant that oc­cu­pies the same hor­i­zon­tal and ver­ti­cal space as the OS X Courier sys­tem font, so it’s easy to switch with­out al­ter­ing your doc­u­ment templates.

  4. Trip­li­cate has a short, plain-Eng­lish li­cense that in­cludes per­mis­sion to use it in PDFs, web­sites, apps, and elec­tronic books.

  5. If the fonts don’t suit your needs, you have 30 days to can­cel your li­cense and get a refund.