States, in Or­der to form a more per­fect Union,
es­tab­lish Jus­tice, in­sure do­mes­tic Tran­quil­i­ty,
pro­vide for the com­mon De­fense, pro­mote the
gen­er­al Wel­fare, and se­cure the Bless­ings of
Lib­er­ty to our­selves and our Pos­ter­i­ty.
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Equity +
Concourse Basic
Equity +
Concourse Standard

Eq­ui­ty in­cludes 48 font files:
= 6 styles (reg­u­lar, ital­ic, bold, bold ital­ic, reg­u­lar caps, bold caps)
× 2 weight grades (A and B)
× 2 vari­ants (reg­u­lar and Tab, with tab­u­lar fig­ures as the de­faults)
× 2 file for­mats (Open­Type, and True­Type-com­pat­i­ble Open­Type TT)

Read the font li­cense (it’s short) or the FAQ
For de­tails on char­ac­ter set and Open­Type fea­tures, see the PDF spec­i­men
For more than five peo­ple, email mb@mb­type.com

Eq­ui­ty is used for body text in this book. Eq­ui­ty was orig­i­nal­ly de­signed for le­gal writ­ers, but any pro­fes­sion­al writer can ben­e­fit from its many conveniences:

  1. Eq­ui­ty fits as much text on the page as Times New Ro­man, and stays leg­i­ble down to small point sizes.

  2. Eq­ui­ty has been de­signed to per­form well on both high-end out­put de­vices and of­fice print­ers. Each style in the fam­i­ly comes in two weight grades so you can pick the grade that looks just right on your print­er—a fea­ture found in very few fonts.

  3. Eq­ui­ty comes with a sep­a­rate set of caps fonts, which con­tain real small caps and al­ready in­clude my rec­om­mend­ed let­terspac­ing.

  4. Eq­ui­ty has a short, plain-Eng­lish li­cense that in­cludes per­mis­sion to use it in PDFs, web­sites, apps, and elec­tron­ic books.

Eq­ui­ty has no demo ver­sion, but I of­fer a 30-day re­turn op­tion: if the fonts aren’t your style, you can can­cel your li­cense and get a refund.

Eq­ui­ty is also avail­able with Con­course as a dis­count­ed bundle.

by the way
  • In this book, I use Eq­ui­ty’s text grades to op­ti­mize web dis­play—Win­dows ma­chines and high-res­o­lu­tion iPads get the heav­ier grade; Macs and low­er-res­o­lu­tion iPads get the lighter grade. (Web jocks can look at the page source to see how this is done.)