ordinalsNo superscripts

Or­di­nals are num­bers that ex­press po­si­tion in a se­ries. By de­fault, your word proces­sor will con­vert or­di­nals into superscripts.

1st 2nd 304thsuperscripts
1st 2nd 304thno superscripts

Su­per­scripted or­di­nals are tiny and hard to read. The best pol­icy is to avoid them. To do this, you have to ad­just your word proces­sor’s de­fault behavior.

How to turn off superscripted ordinals

WordFileOptionsProofingAutoCorrect OptionsAutoFormat As You Type → uncheck Ordinals (1st) with superscript

Mac OS WordWordPreferencesAutoCorrectAutoFormat As You Type → uncheck Ordinals (1st) with superscript

PagesDoes not su­per­script ordinals

by the way
  • In HTML, noth­ing will be su­per­scripted un­less you put it in a <sup> tag. But there is no rea­son to do so.

  • Some fancy pro­fes­sional fonts (see font rec­om­men­da­tions) in­clude spe­cially de­signed su­per­script al­pha­bets and al­ter­nate fig­ures that re­main leg­i­ble at small sizes. Those are fine to use in or­di­nals, but they’re typ­i­cally made avail­able as Open­Type fea­tures. So you’ll still want to turn off any au­to­matic or­di­nal shrink­ing per­formed by your writ­ing tool.

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