Calibri alternativesDon’t settle for a default Microsoft font

Cal­ibri does its job bet­ter than Cam­bria, though it’s still bet­ter on screen than in print. The rounded cor­ners of the let­ters make text printed in Cal­ibri seem soft. For a clean, slightly nar­row sans serif font, you have bet­ter op­tions. My font Her­mes Maia is also a squar­ish sans with rounded cor­ners. FF Unit is thegrown-up sis­ter” of one of the world’s most pop­u­lar sans serif fonts, FF Meta, and the work of fore­word au­thor Erik Spiek­er­mann. Erik also de­signed Fira Sans, also a de­scen­dant of FF Meta. Though it has fewer styles than FF Unit, you can’t ar­gue with the price: it’s free. Whit­ney takes in­spi­ra­tion from the fa­mous 1908 face News Gothic, which Cal­ibri resembles.

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