shall receive a Compensation for their
Services, to be ascertained by Law, and
paid out of the Treasury of the United
States. They shall in all Cases, except
Felony, be privileged from
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save 35% on four fonts
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Be­cause of se­cu­rity con­sid­er­a­tions, my pay­ment links do not sup­port In­ter­net Ex­plorer 11 or ear­lier. Please use a dif­fer­ent browser.

Ad­vo­cate in­cludes 270 font files:
= 3 weights (reg­u­lar, medium, bold)
× 3 widths (nar­row, reg­u­lar, wide)
× 2 se­ries (sans, slab)
+ 12 cloned styles
× 3 styl­is­tic vari­ants (nor­mal, tab, mid)
× 3 file for­mats (Open­Type, True­Type-com­pat­i­ble Open­Type TT, and WOFF)

Read the font li­cense (it’s short) or the FAQ
For de­tails on char­ac­ter set and Open­Type fea­tures, visit MB Type
For more than ten peo­ple, visit MB Type

Ad­vo­cate is an as­sertive all-caps dis­play face, es­pe­cially good for busi­ness cards, let­ter­head, lo­gos, and ti­tles. I use it through­out this book for headlines.

  1. A to­tal of 18 styles: three widths (= medium, semi­bold, bold) and three weights (= con­densed, nar­row, reg­u­lar), in both sans and slab-serif versions.

  2. A to­tally un­nec­es­sary but en­tirely fun set of mid-height small caps to al­low ver­ti­cal centering.

    the BEST GAMES of the YEAR Caps
    the BEST GAMES of the YEAR Small caps
    the BEST GAMES of the YEAR Mid caps

  3. Ad­vo­cate has a short, plain-Eng­lish font li­cense that in­cludes per­mis­sion to use it in PDFs, web­sites, apps, and elec­tronic books.

  4. Ad­vo­cate has no demo ver­sion, but I do of­fer a 30-day re­turn op­tion: if the fonts aren’t your style, you can can­cel your li­cense for a refund.

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